Hotel Sales Teams


Hotel sales teams can be deployed in a variety of ways. Each hotel brand and management company have their own way of operating but generally speaking, here is the lay of the land.

Director of Sales and Marketing : This role is overseeing all sales and marketing decisions for the hotel. This is great for bloggers and influencers to know because we lean in the "marketing" side vs direct sales in most cases.

Director of Sales : Generally focuses on group sales and account production. So for example, hotels like to target businesses in the area that could drive travel to their hotel.

Group Sales Manager : Exactly what is sounds like, this position is booking group meetings and events for corporate companies, associations etc.

Business Transient Manager : This role negotiates individual discounted rates for accounts that have potential or already drive hotel stays. If you can track or show proof that your free stay led to X number of room reservations than this person could be a great connection.

Leisure Sales Manager : This position works to drive revenue for folks looking to relax and take a vacation, hence leisure travel only. This is a title to remember as influencers and bloggers tend to drive leisure travel the most! It would be nice to be friends with this person at your favorite resort, right? :)


Leisure Sales Manager

  • This person is looking to find new business to grow the leisure segment.
  • Travel bloggers and influencers are revenue drivers.
  • If you have a system or process in place to track the business, you drive to that market than this role will want to know more!

Business Transient Manager

  • Depending on the size of the hotel, some may only have this position that covers both leisure and business. Larger hotels and resorts tend to have all the titles, smaller properties will have less but will give one person more responsibility.

Director of Sales and Marketing

  • If you can connect with this person you won't regret it, they make a lot of decisions!
  • All hotels have a business plan that is reported out to the property‚Äôs ownership group. Ownership groups are typically real estate investment companies that meet with hotel management companies (such as Marriott, Westin, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Holiday Inn etc.) to review financial stability, sales and marketing initiatives, results and action plans. 
  • What if the hotel is looking to increase social media engagement?
  • What if they are hosting an influencer/blogger event for a new restaurant opening?
  • What if the hotel is planning to go under renovation?
  • The items below would all be outlined in the hotels business plans reviewed with ownership and the property would need bloggers/influencers to help get the word out!


Although sales and marketing go hand in hand you would be surprised how separate the worlds are in the hotel business.

Marketing teams tend to work off-property and work specifically on e-commerce, rewards programs and marketing collateral given to clients. Please keep in mind, this is a general overview, and some hotels may have a different process. We are placing some key notes below regarding this topic:

  • If there is a social media manager that oversees a portfolio of hotels or brand request to meet with them. Also, this is a great question to ask a property sales person.
  • It's always important to build rapport with sales people on property. They have the most influence with their marketing teams and the General Manager of the hotel.
  • Come with ideas! Sales managers on property are busy meeting their goals and most of the time don't have a marketing manager on property. Take advantage of this.

Here are some good questions to help you brainstorm conversations to have with sales teams:

  • What's new in the local area?
  • Does the hotel have a new cafe, restaurant outlet or lobby?
  • Has the hotel gone under renovation?
  • Do you have a strong following in the area?
  • How large is your email/contact list?
  • How does your personal brand align with the hotel brand?
  • Can you offer a free night stay, discounted rate, F&B experience or rewards points to your following to drive engagement back to the hotel?