What Hotels Look For


Now that we have a better understanding of hotel sales teams and ownership groups let's discuss your media kits. A lot of bloggers highlight clicks, likes, comments, shares, and general engagement analytics which is fantastic. Hotels will love to see the potential "buzz" you can generate about the property.

Below are other items to consider. If you don't have experience with anything below that is OKAY!

Remember, this is to help you stand out from other bloggers!

  • A book of business. How many people are on your contact list? Do you send monthly campaigns? If so, what is your engagement here?
  • Have you worked with hotels before? If so, how did your content drive revenue to the hotel? How many followers did the hotel have on Instagram prior to your posts/videos/stories? Did this number increase afterwards?
  • Are you a travel professional? Are you associated with a parent travel agency that is certified in the industry? This can really help with your credibility.
  • As a travel professional, you will have access to net rates, the ability to book business and technology that can track reservations you drive back to the hotel. At HBK, we arm our bloggers with this :)!
  • How does your personal brand align with the hotel? This is very important to highlight. Hotels really care about their brand aesthetics.
  • Personal branding can be as specific as your health and wellness routine and your style/fashion sense. All hotels have a certain personality and things they are known for...just like you! Draw these connections.
  • Demographics. Hotels track their target demographic and if you have a similar audience or a network, they want to attract this will be important to showcase.