Free Hotel Stays For Content


This is tough for content creators in the hotel and travel space. Hotels will not pay a content creator upfront. They will offer a complimentary night stay and credit to their restaurant but that’s it.

So why is this?

Well…COVID-19 clearly didn’t help our cause BUT before the pandemic hotels were still not on-board with upfront payments. Earlier in this training we discussed ownership groups and how sales teams ultimately report into ownership which includes results, goals, and ROI when capital improvements have been made.

Content creators are a huge influence when it comes to marketing of all kinds but 99.9% of the time can’t attribute room nights/business back to the hotel. When ownership and property sales teams put together an annual budget, each line item is given a certain amount and the expectation is the sales team will show financial results.

For this reason, we encourage all of you to align yourself with an agency in the travel industry. When you are a travel professional and a skilled content creator (which we already know you are) you will see your business flourish. Overtime, YOU will have a book of business and a method of tracking reservations that the hotel got from the content you created.

If you take our advice, you will be able to earn commissions through all reservations booked…this adds a revenue stream to your business vs chasing hotels to pay you since the likelihood is that they won’t.